What is an art print?

An art print is a printout of a work that has no physical form and its “original” version was made digitally. It is made using special large-format printers with the use of high-quality materials (paper, inks) in a way that allows capturing the vividness of colours. The work is printed with margins, signed, numbered and sent to the client together with the certificate of authenticity.

Art print shouldn’t be mistaken with giclée. It is true that a giclée is technically made in the same way as an art print, but the difference is that a giclée is made from a digital file that is a scan of the physical work of the artist and not from the original digital file.

Thanks to the materials of the best quality and the possibilities that digital technology gives us nowadays, both prints and giclée guarantee not only great colour saturation and durability, but also the reproduction of brush strokes and the specific texture of the original artwork.

Limited editions of art prints give them a significant collector’s value. They can be a great gift for any occasion, an element enriching the interior and increasing its prestige. Art in this form is for everyone. Regardless of whether you are a committed lover of artistic creativity or you want to enthuse others with your passion, you can buy a work at an affordable price that will change your life and closest surroundings for the better.