Privacy policy



 This Privacy Policy states the rules of how we collect and use the personal data of our customers making purchases on our online shop available at (in this document: Shop) and using the services and functions that we offer as part of the Shop.


Your personal data controller, i.e. the subject responsible for processing the data is Alina Louka  carrying out business activity under the name of Galeria Alina Louka, entered into the Central Register and Information on Business Activity, with the principal place of business at Kolobrzeg, Ogrodowa street 27a/20 having tax identification number (NIP): PL621-166-93-70 (hereinafter: “Seller“).

Regarding all matters connected with your personal data and their protection, you can write to us at


Your personal data are processed by the Controller in compliance with law regulations, in particular with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing directive 95/46/ec (hereinafter: “GDPR”).


This Policy concerns all of our Customers (existing, potential and former customers) according to the provisions of law, we are required to store some personal data also for a determined period of time after the termination of our relations and, within a limited scope, of persons who use our Website not being our customers (persons visiting the Shop).

Which data that we collect and process depends on how you use our Shop. The data that we collect in relation to using the Shop are, in particular:

  1. data allowing us to identify the Shop’s Customer (e.g. name, surname, contact data);
  2. transaction or financial information (e.g. payment data), information concerning orders, purchases, returns, discounts;
  3. data concerning the Customer’s likes and preferences (e.g. data concerning how often the user visits our Shop, which Products they are interested in based on the number of clicks on a particular Product).

In the case when in order to carry out a purchase or other service available in the Shop, we ask users to provide personal data, some of the fields may be marked as required fields because these data are necessary to carry out the contract or service. In such cases, if you do not decide to share these data with us, using some of the functions or services within the Shop may be impossible.


Based on how you use our Shop, we may process your personal data for one of the purposes below:

  1. signing up on the Shop, i.e. creating a user Account for this, we need data necessary to identify the user and grant them access to their Account. The basis for processing data in order to register and create an Account is the carrying out of a contract, i.e. carrying out the Shop’s Terms of Service (article 6 section 1 point b GDPR);
  2. entering and carrying out a sales contract or contract connected with us sharing the data in order to carry out an Order, including transferring information about its details, managing payments for purchased Products, managing possible returns after purchasing, issuing an invoice or receipt, carrying out other services available in the Shop connected with discount cards, gift cards or special offers and deals. The basis for processing data in order to register and create an Account is the carrying out of a contract (article 6 section 1 point b GDPR);
  3. pursuing or protecting possible claims, which constitutes our legally legitimate interest as the controller (article 6 section 1 point f GDPR);
  4. handling enquiries sent via e-mail. We process these data for this purpose based on an entered agreement (article 6 section 1 point b GDPR) or, if the enquiry concerns the rights described in this Privacy Policy or customer complaints about our Products, the basis for the data processing may also be the requirement of fulfilling our legal obligations (article 6 section 1 point c GDPR);
  5. conducting promotional activities, e.g. competitions where by participating, the user authorizes us to process the shared data in the scope and on conditions described in separate terms of service, i.e. in order to carry out a contract (article 6 section 1 point b GDPR) or based on the activity participant’s agreement (article 6 section 1 point b GDPR);
  6. analyzing the usefulness of our Shop and improving it, i.e. for analytical and statistical purposes – we process data in order to analyze how users use our Shop’s pages. The basis for data processing is the controller’s legitimate interest (article 6 section 1 point f GDPR) here being the improvement of the quality of services or products provided by the controller;
  7. presenting personalized marketing content adjusted to the user’s interests, we can learn about their preferences, e.g. through analyzing how often the user visits the Shop, which Products they were interested in (among others through an analysis of the number of clicks on a particular Product or adding it to the wishlist). The basis for data processing is the controller’s legitimate interest (article 6 section 1 point f GDPR) which is a better understanding of our customers’ expectations and adjusting our services to their needs.



We will process personal data belonging to our Customers and persons visiting our Shop only for the period necessary to carry out the purpose for which they have been collected, i.e.

  • for the period in which you are registered in the Shop, i.e. you own a Customer Account;
  • for the period necessary to carry out the Product sales contract and post-sales service, i.e. the period necessary to carry out possible returns or complaints and for the period arising from the provisions of law (among others, the bill on accounting) and after its expiration, the period determined in the provisions of law to pursue or protect possible claims;
  • if we process your data based on your separately given agreement, we will process them for the period determined in the statement on giving consent, but never longer than until its withdrawal;
  • in the case of marketing activities whose carrying out constitutes our legally legitimate interest, we will process the data until you issue an objection to their further processing.

You have the right to access the content of your data and obtain their copy, the right to rectify the data should they be incomplete or wrong, the right to remove your data or limit their processing, the right to transfer your data to another controller or, in the case where the processing is based on an issued agreement, the right to withdraw your agreement at any time without an impact on the compliance with the processing right which was conducted based on this agreement before withdrawing it.

You also have the right to object to further processing of your data.

You may exercise all the rights mentioned above by contacting shop at It is enough to describe the right you would like to exercise. In order to carry out your rights, particularly to identify you, we may ask you to provide us with additional information.

You can also issue a complaint to the supervisory body (the Head of the Personal Data Protection Office Stawki 2 Street, 00-193 Warszawa) should you think the personal data processing infringes on the GDPR provisions.


We will share your personal data only with  our trusted partners i.e. subjects supporting us in the scope of the services that we provide, such as:  financial institutions, technology service providers, transportation, mail, delivery service providers, providers of services connected with customer care, providers of services connected with promotion and advertising.

If any of our providers has their headquarters in a country outside the EEA territory, we each time make sure that they provide appropriate data security warrants, whose confirmation for us is having an appropriate certificate, e.g. Privacy Shield (for US subjects) which may be checked on this link: or signing Standard Contractual Clauses confirmed by the Committee.


Providing your data is voluntary, but it may be necessary to enter a sales contract or share some of the Shop’s functionalities. Therefore, the consequence of not providing them may be, in some cases, the inability to enter a sales contract, create a customer Account or reply to your question.

In the shop, there might periodically appear links directing to other websites. Such websites work independently from our Shop and are not supervised by us. They may have their own policies regarding privacy which we recommend for you to familiarize yourself with before using such a website. The Shop is not responsible for the rules of treating data from the owners of such websites.

We do our utmost to secure your data and protect them from unauthorized actions from third parties. We use necessary security measures for servers in order to protect data, particularly the SSL certificate protocol. All connections connected with making electronic payments, in the case of choosing this option, will happen through a secure, encrypted connection. Our actions may be insufficient if you fail to take precautions, particularly it is important to keep your Account login and password confidential and not to share them with third parties. In order to prevent unauthorized persons from using the account, please log out after you finish using the Shop.

The provisions of this Privacy Policy may be changed, among others in case of the changing of the Shop’s function, introducing changes, new services or functionalities. We will inform about all changes to our Privacy Policy immediately on the Shop’s website.


When you use the Shop, user data such as the IP address, domain name, type of browser are automatically collected. These data may be collected by cookie files, or other mechanisms such as Google Analytics, Web Beacon system, they may also be saved in the server’s logs. These mechanisms are applied in order to make it easier for users to use our Shop, learn about their preferences of the way of using the Shop, display advertisements and information adjusted to the user’s preferences. Cookie files are small text files sent by the Shop to your end device (e.g. computer, phone, tablet etc.) when using the Shop. Such files usually contain the name of the website that they come from, the time of storing them on the end device and a unique number.

Cookie files are used, among others, to:

  1. adjust the Shop’s contents to the user’s preferences and optimize the use of the Shop, in particular, these files allow to recognize the Shop user’s device and display the Shop’s website appropriately to their individual needs;
  2. create statistics which help understand how the Shop’s users use websites which allows to improve their structure and contents;
  3. keep the Shop user’s session (after logging in to the Account) thanks to which the user does not have enter their login and password on each sub-page of the website.

The cookie files that we use may have either temporary or permanent character. Session (temporary) cookie files are removed at the moment of closing the browser, whereas persistent (permanent) cookie files are stored also after you finish using the Shop and serve to store information such as your login or password, which makes it easier and faster to use the Shop.

Within the Shop, we use:

  • indispensable cookie files, i.e. the ones that make using the services within the Shop possible, e.g. authenticating cookie files used for services that require authentication;
  • cookie files used to ensure security, e.g. used to detect abuse in the scope of registration to the Shop;
  • the so-called efficiency cookies which allow to collect information about the way of using the Shop;
  • functional cookies which allow to “remember” the settings selected by the users and personalize the user interface;
  • advertising cookie files that allow to provide users with advertising content adjusted to their interests.

Cookie files placed on your end device may also be used by partners and advertisers cooperating with us.

In every case, you can block installing cookie files or remove persistent cookie files using the appropriate options in your Internet browser. Should you have any problems, please use your browser’s help file or contact the browser’s producer. You can find more useful information about cookie files here:

Along with cookie files, the Shop may also collect data as part of the so-called logs or journal files. The information contained in the logs may include, among others, your IP address, type of platform and Internet browser, Internet provider and the address of the website from which you entered the Shop’s website. Some sub-pages of the Shop and ways of communication may contain the so-called Web Beacons which allow to receive information such as the computer’s IP address, the website’s URL number, loading time, type of browser.

The Shop uses Google Analytics, an Internet analytics service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics collects cookie files constituting information regarding the viewability of websites and the user’s system profile (including their IP address). This information is shared with Google and stored by it on servers in the United States. Google uses this information to assess the use of the website by the user, create reports for website owners on the traffic and provide other services connected with traffic on websites and Internet usage. Users’ IP addresses are not linked with any other data in Google’s possession. Google may also transfer this information to third parties if it is required by law, or if third parties process this information for Google. You may block cookie usage choosing the appropriate settings in your Internet browser, but in this case, some of the Shop’s functions may be unavailable.